How Top Youtubers Grow Their Subscribers

How Top Youtubers Grow Their Subscribers

Why We Did a Survey on YouTube Subscribers

YouTube is a video sharing service that allows users to view, share, comment and upload their own videos. If they like the content they can like, comment, share and subscribe to the channel. By subscribing to the channel, they won’t miss the video since they will receive a notification when the videos are uploaded. The reason why subscribers are important because it lets you gain more exposure for your product or stock market. When you have a large number of followers, it will represent a strong follower base and secure your position in YouTube top search result since your channel will be more visible to other users. So we did a poll research last week and asked top 300 YouTube channels with the highest YouTube subscribers to participate.

Video SEO & Buying Youtube Subscriber is the Top Method Used to Grow Subscribers

The pie chart shows the result of a survey on how top YouTubers grow their subscribers. 23% said that they purchased YouTube subscribers as a startup to boost their channel visibility. They said that subscribers are one of the YouTube algorithms to make the channel more visible. It is essential to purchased YouTube subscribers and has a strong subscriber base to create a powerful online community. It is an easy way to gain even more organic subscribers. We ask them wouldn’t all the subscribers will be fake? They said that not all subscribers are fake if only you purchased YouTube subscribers from a reputable service provider like Appsally, which provide monetized real users to subscribe to your channel.

It can be seen that almost half of them are using video SEO to gain their subscribers. Video SEO is simply optimizing the indexing of your video and rank relevant keyword searches on the search engine results pages. To put it in a simple word basically it is the process of improving the ranking or visibility of a video on the first page of results. To get started with, you need to know your keyword target because that will help your content and element on the pages. Note that SEO change all the time, so make sure you keep up with the changes.

Engaging with the audience is at 11%, which mean that it is important to engage with your audience. There are 3 tips that top Youtubers share with us. First, you should be accessible if you are going to engage with your audience. You need to respond to their comments or just simply like their post to show that you actually care about them. Secondly, you need to be personal. Respond to your audience needs. If they give a bad comment, this is a perfect opportunity to show them your skills. Last but not least, you should always maintain your consistency in engaging with your audience.

About 17% of them gain their subscribers through social media. Which means that they use Facebook, Twitter, etc as a platform to promote their YouTube videos and YouTube channel. They don’t only use social media for engagement, but also to drive users to their YouTube channel. This way their organic traffic will increase as well as their visibility in YouTube search result.


So from the result above, we can conclude that video SEO is the most effective way to gain more subscribers follow by buying YouTube subscribers. However, the other ways are still relevant to increase subscribers on YouTube.

Aimee Dowling