We Did a Survey on How To Grow Followers on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest network of business. It is a business oriented service that operates through websites and mobile apps. Followers are important to businesses, because they are either your client or your next potential client. That’s why it is important to strategically build your followers. We did a survey on how to strategically grow followers on LinkedIn.

Profile Visibility and Buying LinkedIn Followers are The Most Effective Ways To Grow Followers

Our survey shows that there are two most effective ways to grow LinkedIn followers. One of them is by increasing profile visibility as 43% of our survey shows that when you increase your profile visibility you will automatically increase your followers organically.

Buying LinkedIn followers are at 29% which is the second effective way to grow followers on LinkedIn. More followers will get you more exposure. LinkedIn also will get your profile in the “Most Viewed Connections.”We tried a few different platforms to see which of them are the most effective, and we found that AppSally is the best.

16% shows that content SEO can also increase LinkedIn followers. Relevant keywords are very important if you want your profile to be displayed and increase traffic to your page. The words chosen should be included organically throughout the page.

However, we found that 12% of other method works. It includes by joining groups or created a new one. This will allow you to stay up-to-date on the latest news and topics. It will attract group members to engage with your page. On the groups make sure that you post your topics, ask questions, and interact with the members.


From the survey above the most effective ways, to increase followers is by increasing profile visibility and buying LinkedIn followers. The other ways to increase LinkedIn followers are, however, still important.

This is just a preview of our upcoming poll result that we have done for our client. This survey was conducted with 500 companies with at least 1000 followers on LinkedIn.