How to run Polls on Social Media Successfully

How to run Polls on Social Media Successfully

What is Social Media Poll

A poll is a fun way to ask a question that followers must choose from set answers, with at least two answers to choose from. Followers just need to tap their response and then they’ll see how the vote has progressed so far. It is one of the most powerful tools brands can incorporate into a social strategy. The importance of polling is that it can act as a feedback on your products and services. This way you will be able to understand what your followers want for you to improve based on the poll you created. This shows that you care about their views. You can also conduct market research by getting your followers to vote on new features or benefits they want. It can also increase traffic to your page. Because 20% of users will vote in a poll and 15% of them will share the poll. This can result in increasing traffic to your page.

Polling on Reddit and the use of Reddit Upvote

It couldn’t be easier to begin embracing the power of polls to increase your social media presence. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit are among the top social media platform that allow you to add a poll for your followers to vote. You probably already know how to create a poll in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But what about Reddit. To create a poll on Reddit, you can either use Strawpoll or Google Forms. Then share it on Reddit. The most important tip for Reddit poll is upvotes. To help you boost your Reddit reach and visibility is by buying Reddit upvotes from a reputable service provider like AppSally, which only give the votes from the real users who use Reddit everyday. Everyone knows that upvotes are one of the Reddit algorithms in ranking post through upvotes. So the more upvotes you have, the more visibility your post will get. This way you can get to top Reddit search result. It will give exposure for your post, product and services.

More Polling Tips

First rule when creating a poll is to make sure that your poll is interesting but makes sure that the topic of your poll is relevant to your target audience. It does not matter whether the poll is about your brand or services but you need to make sure that your audience will care enough about it to actually participate. Secondly, I would recommend that you only post the polls at a peak social media traffic times. This way you will see the highest number of people who will vote if you publish the polls because it drive extra traffic to your page. Other than that they usually will comment it on the poll and use it as a chance for you to interact with them. Take time to respond to the comments they leave. They will feel like their opinion matters, and be more likely to interact with you again in the future. After you obtain the result, make sure that you publish it so that your followers can also get to see the result.


Social media polling is a great way to get feedback, gain understanding of followers and the audience, build community, generate content and increase traffic. The easiest way to conduct social media surveys is simply post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Reddit.

Aimee Dowling