How Artists Grow Spotify Plays & Followers

How Artists Grow Spotify Plays & Followers

Why We Did a Survey on Spotify Plays & Followers

Spotify is a digital music streaming service that offers you access to millions of artists worldwide songs, podcasts and videos, such as Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited. Spotify is accessible through a variety of devices including pcs, phones, tablets, speakers, TVs and vehicles, and with Spotify Connect, you can quickly switch from one to another. Spotify has over 200 million users and is a vital service for musicians. In this survey we asked hundreds of musicians how they achieve success on Spotify, as measured by the number of Spotify Plays and Spotify followers. Below are 3 of the most common tips given by musicians. It is worth noting that buy Spotify followers is not in the top 3 list.

Have an Active Instagram presence

Though there are plenty social media sites – and we don’t dismiss such platforms as Facebook or Twitter at all – Instagram is one of the platforms that we particularly suggest to make your presence known on. Does music need to be on every post? No. No. Will every post have to resonate with your audience? Ideally yeah, sure.

The idea here will be to have a profile page for your spotify artist as the link to your Instagram bio. However your Instagram presence MUST be involved, as we mentioned in the heading above. This will include communicating with your fans, reacting to their feedback, sharing stories from Instagram, and more. Note that if you don’t have enough resources for all of this, you can still send others, including agencies and individuals (among other factors depending on your budget), who will do a fine job handling your Instagram profile on your behalf. If your fans aren’t savvy, you can teach them how to be your Spotify follower.

Use Online Ads

When it comes to having your presence known on Spotify – particularly at the beginning when you’re just beginning out, there’s absolutely no excuse for you to ignore paying online advertising prospects. Now, if we look at the history, there are instances where aspiring artists have reaped rich rewards in terms of actual Spotify earnings, with millions of Spotify plays and Spotify followers by promoting themselves on sites such as Facebook through paying online advertising. As you can see, this was achieved without any approved playlists from Spotify – and no Spotify playlist followers at all! There are no signs of that these artist buy Spotify followers or buy Spotify plays at all. Is this a foolproof way of making Spotify streams and followers on Spotify? No. At the same time, if you believe that your music is great–and can connect with the right kind of large audience, then there is no risk whatsoever in giving it a go.

Post on Reddit

Another great way to gain followers on your Spotify playlist is by sharing your playlist on Reddit. With the sheer number of users in those sub-reddits, it’s only a matter of time before others discover your playlist. Submitting to the best Spotify monthly listeners competition, gives you a especially strong edge, even more so if you have music that resonates very well within a common theme or genre.

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