Poll Software
Poll Pro New Features
Version 2.0 (May 23, 2003)
  • Option to prevent duplicate voting now supports using cookies
    and/or IP address/browser header
  • Option to view Current Polls, Expired Polls, and future polls
  • Made it a preference to increase number of answers
  • Allow users to submit and view comments/write in answers, auto approve, manual approval
  • Option to turn off vote counts next to each answer and display % only.
  • Option to display raw numbers only
  • Option to turn off vote counts until X threshold is reached.
  • Option for users to view the poll's results without voting
  • Option to open results in a simple popup window
  • Option to use an image for each answer
  • Option to specify HTML Header/footer for results page
  • Option to specify Style sheet on results page
  • Option to turn off display of results until poll has expired.
  • Export results to excel (Poll Results, IP Address Data)
  • Option to purge IP data and write-in answers at any time
  • Added code at zone level to display poll as Popup 
  • Option to select a correct answer for quiz type questions
  • Table Width in templates can now be pixels or percentage
  • Support multiple color bars for results
  • Enterprise version now Supports multiple users
  • Implemented Cross-site scripting code to prevent malicious
    cross-site scripting in write-in answers
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