Poll Software
Poll Pro Getting Started Guide
1 Set Preferences -- The first thing you must do when using Poll Pro is set the preferences.

To set the preferences...

  1. Log into the Poll Pro administration screen via http://www.yourdomain.com/pollpro/
  2. Login using the default username and password which are both set to "Admin1"
  3. Click on Preferences on the left navigation bar.
  4. Change the username and password.
  5. Change any default settings such as colors, and whether or not you would like to prevent duplicate voting.
  6. Click the submit the preferences.
2 Create A Template -- Templates allow you to define the look and feel of your polls.  A template can be defined once and then used for many polls.  

Before you can enter any Polls, you must define at least one template.

3 Create A Poll -- To define a poll, click the Add link under Polls on the left navigation bar.
4 Create a zone or Display the poll directly -- Once you have created at least one poll, you are ready to begin displaying it on your web site.  There are two ways to display a poll.  The first is to display the poll directly by obtaining the code at the Poll level.

The second option is to define a zone and control the display of Polls within the zone.  This allows you to place the code on your web page just once and then control which polls will appear in that zone.  Polls can even be scheduled so that the poll displayed will periodically change based on the dates assigned to them.  This method is the recommended method.

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