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Poll Pro Access Installation Instructions
AdComplete.com will install Poll Pro™ at no charge with your purchase.  If you want to install the application yourself, follow these directions...

Once purchased, Poll Pro™ is emailed as a zip file.  Follow these directions to install and configure Poll Pro™.

  1. Create a Sub Directory off of your main web site.  This directory will house the Poll Pro™ software so give it a familiar name such as "PollPro".  For example, if your domain name is http://www.yourdomain.com, you might create a directory called http://www.yourdomain.com/PollPro
  2. Extract Poll Pro™ into this directory.  Poll Pro™ includes two sub-directories including Images and Database.   You must maintain this directory structure and include the sub-directories.  DO NOT PLACE A COPY OF OUR ZIP FILE ANYWHERE ON YOUR WEB SITE.
  3. Set the permissions for the newly created PollPro directory to allow files to be browsed and allow scripts to be run.  Turn off browser permissions on the database folder so users cannot download the database. 
  4. Add write permissions for the anonymous user to the database folder.  You might also consider moving the database outside the web structure if your web hosting provider has setup a special database folder for you.
  5. Register the PollPro.mdb database on the web server as a system DSN.  Your Web Hosting Provider will most likely need to do this for you.  (Note:   You can connect to the database using the physical path should your web hosting provider not be available immediately to setup the DSN.)
  6. Update the db.asp script to reflect this DSN name.   If you are using the physical path rather than a system DSN, make the appropriate change to the physical file path.
  7. Run the application in your browser by accessing http://www.yourdomain.com/PollPro/, set the preferences and change the administrative name and password.  The username and password are currently set to Admin1 and is case sensitive. 
  8. Now proceed to the getting started guide.


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