Does Poll Pro handle multiple questions or surveys?
No, Poll Pro is for single questions with multiple answers.  Poll Pro does not handle multiple questions such as a survey.

Do you offer a service where the web polls are pulled from your server? 
No, we only offer the software which you install on your server.

Can Poll Pro be used to serve polls to multiple web sites? 
Yes, the Enterprise version supports multiple users from multiple web sites.  The product can be used by an Application Service Provider to offer polling to multiple clients.

Do you offer a Unix, Linux or Solaris version of your products? 
No, currently we develop solely for the Microsoft Windows NT market.

Can I display the poll results in a popup window? 
Yes, version 2 supports displaying the results in a popup window of any size.

Can I hide the number of votes? 
Yes, version 2 supports hiding the raw numbers and displaying only a percentage.  The raw numbers can be set to appear after a threshold is met.

How do you prevent duplicate voting? 
Poll Pro is capable of using both cookies and a combination of the IP address and browser header to prevent duplicate voting.

Can users browser expired polls?  
Yes, if you enable this functionality in the preferences your visitors can view expired polls.

Can I export the raw vote data to Excel? 
Yes, version 2 supports exporting raw vote data, IP address data, and write-in answers to Microsoft EXCEL in XLS or CSV format.

Do you offer a downloadable demo of your software? 
No, all of our products are written as script.  Therefore, you get all the code when purchasing our product.  Because our code is plainly visible, we cannot offer a downloadable demo.

Is there a limit to the number of answers for an individual poll?  
The default is 10 answers however, you can easily increase the value in the preferences.

What are the minimum server requirements for Ban Man Pro?
Windows NT Server 4.0 or higher running IIS 4.0.

Do you offer a version for SQL 6.5? 
No, we develop solely for SQL 7 and higher.  SQL 2000 is supported by our products.

Do you support Windows 2000 and SQL 2000? 
Yes, we support Windows 2000 and SQL 2000. All versions of Windows from NT 4 and on are supported.

Do you accept checks as a form of payment? 
Yes, but the software cannot be emailed until the check has cleared.  Send checks to:, LLC
1248 Celebration Avenue
Celebration, Florida 34747